10 Sure Signs Your Boyfriend Is Cheating On You

Love is the most beautiful feelings of the world. Obviously, you must have felt the butterflies in your stomach when you would have proposed your crush or when you guys went on your first date. Do you feel those feelings changing now? Do you feel he is not so much into you these days? If such feelings strike, this is the worst scenario of any relationship. Make sure your trust is firm on your partner but if anytime the trust is shaken and you feel that he is cheating on you, then you can always find that out. Here are ten ways to find out if your boyfriend is cheating on you.

  1. Check his expressions when you tag him

boyfriend is cheating


You sure would click enough pictures with him. It is the time to upload them on Facebook and tag him. If he is okay with it, there might not be anything wrong but if he is hesitant to approve the tags, then you really got to find out the reason.

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  1. Keep a record of whereabouts

You may be feeling low that he is not giving you enough time and he is not ready to spend more time with you as he used to do before. If you feel he is unnecessarily avoiding you, then you need to keep a record of his whereabouts. Keep a check that where he is going and with whom. If you need to be a spy, be that too.

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  1. Plan a surprise visit

boyfriend is cheating


How about calling him at 6 pm and asking him to pick you up from a café? Or, what about giving him a surprise visit at his home? If he is okay both ways, you might be just overthinking.

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  1. How he introduces you?

If he truly loves you, he will make sure that all his friends know about you. But if he is unwilling to introduce you to his friends, especially the girls, then the sign of his loyalty is not at all healthy. Even if you want yourself to be introduced as your girlfriend in front of his friends and he is not ready for that, it totally means he is not into you anymore.

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  1. Calling him very frequently

boyfriend is cheating


Call him very frequently to check whether his phone is busy or not. If he is always available for you, that is very good for you. But if his calls are always busy and he is on waiting, you need to ask him what’s going on? Further, if his phone is unreachable due to network problems and dead battery majority of the times, there might be something fishy that you need to find out. Also, check his phone for any other sim or any other hidden phone with him.

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  1. Test his loyalty

boyfriend is cheating


One of the easiest ways to find if your boyfriend is cheating on you is by checking his loyalty. You might doubt him on any other girl. So, all you need to do is just ask him to choose either one between the two. You can tell him to break all sorts of contacts with her by telling her that he does not want to be in talking terms with her. If he is not able to do this and yells at you then yes, your doubt is true.

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  1. Keep a check on his gadgets

Well, this is the last resort girls. Checking the personal gadgets of your partner is not at all healthy. However, if think it is absolutely necessary, go ahead. Check his phone and laptop. And you might discover a lot of stories.

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  1. Re-confirm his password

It is very obvious that you both must have exchange your passwords with each other. So whenever you have any doubts just make sure that you still know his password. If he has changed without informing you, maybe something could be fishy there. But still that is not a big deal and you can ask him again for the same. If he is not willing to tell you, then you know that the fish has changed the pond.

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  1. Sneak peek into his messages

Again, this might go wrong and should be followed when in dire need. Just grab his phone when he is not around and try to have a sneak peek into his messages. Check all the possible mediums like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram and every such app on his phone. You never know what is cooking behind you.

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  1. Check his Wi-Fi signal

This one is a bit comical guys, but yet it is quite effective. Just take your guy to the place of the girl on whom you have doubts. Try and connect his Wi-Fi to the place. If it connects, do we need to say anything more? Okay, girls, we were just making you smile a bit.

These were some of the ways to find out if he is cheating on you. We do not want anyone of you to go through this phase. And may your love always win over all your doubts and trust issues.

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