10 Signs Your Friend Might Have A Crush On You

So you already have a doubt over him that he is after you? Or simply you believe that he is just not being friendly, but is something fishy? These are the moments that might be a bit awkward, or who knows you both could become a greatest couple of all the times? Well, whatever it is. Let’s find out is he is a game or not! Who knows is he has a crush on you?

  1. He is always on his toes to start the conversation

He loves texting you and is often the first one to initiate conversations. He responds you in split seconds or would revert in much calculated time, say 6 hours 15 minutes, just to indicate that he is not dying to talk to you. But deep inside you know, they are!

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  1. They always have a single question to ask – are you dating someone?

2 he might have crush on you


I mean, come on, even if you are dating, why is he so interested? Simply because he doesn’t want you to date someone?

And when you answer them, this is what they do:

  1. They never approve of your crush

3 he might have crush on you


Whenever you start sharing that you are looking someone, he would come up with a million reasons to show that he is not good enough for you. If this is the case, girl be ready, he is having a crush on you.

  1. He often asks you for cool one-on-one hangout

Simple it is. Had it been a group hangout, he would not get enough time to soak your awesomeness.

  1. They never leave an opportunity to complement you.

4 he might have crush on you


Intense one, we mean? Something like ‘you smell amazing’.

  1. He constantly warns you of other boys

5 he might have crush on you


He notices you every time you are in a deep conversation with boys in real life or on social networking sites and warns you to stay away from him as he is not good and blah blah.

  1. He looks at you a lot

5 he might have crush on you


I mean every time! When you are writing, delivering a speech in college, in the bus, when you both are in the canteen and the list continues…

  1. He is always talking about you with his friends

Did you meet any of his friends today and realized that they know a lot more about you! Simply, because your friend is talking too much about you with them.

  1. He shows up whenever you are in trouble

Did you recently have a flat tyre and who was the first person to help? Did you ask for college notes and who came up first? He is always there for you wherever you are in trouble, he might just be hiding that your troubles matter a lot for him.

  1. But then they might act totally disinterested too!

6 he might have crush on you


He is having a crush on you, and he actually sometimes just doesn’t know how to behave! And for that reason, he won’t make an eye contact when standing with common friends or won’t respond to you in public.

Look for these signs and decode the signal!

Top Image and Featured Image: Pixabay.com