6 Signs That You Are A Bad Kisser And You Didn’t Know

Let’s admit, you definitely won’t like to be called as a bad kisser. Would you? But at times, circumstances are not in your hand, or just that you might be kissing him for the first time, and it is an all new experience for you. Whatever it is, let’s keep it simple, and avoid making the below given 6 steps in order to avoid being a bad kisser.

  1. You are not touching him anywhere else

bad kisser


Obviously, a kiss is all about your lips, but is your body language making it a bit uncomfortable and awkward? Well, you need to watch out! If you always keep your arms stiff in your lap and do not make any body contact apart from the lips, well, you need to improve. A passionate kiss is also about making soft touches here and there apart from focusing on lips and tongue. You might like to wrap your arms around their neck or slip your arms around the waist. The whole idea is to make your body comfortable with him, and this will automatically reflect itself on your kiss.

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  1. Dry and flaky lips are not worth the experience

Needless to say, bad breath is the biggest setback for a kiss. But, even dry lips can hurt your smooching experience! Dry and cracked lips surely won’t provide a wonderful experience to your partner. Make sure your lips are soft and hydrated before you approach him.

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  1. Your teeth come in between… a lot many times

Well, yes, getting your teeth bumped once in a while is fine especially when you both are getting passionate or are kissing each other in an awkward place. But, if this is happening too frequently, you need to check what’s going wrong. Either you’re pressing your face too hard or quickly into his, or you are opening your mouth too wide or are overly enthusiastic.

Whatever it is, just try taking things a bit slower, and this should help.

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  1. You are involving your tongue just too much

bad kisser


While the smart use of tongue while kissing can actually heat up the things for good, but if you find your tongue disappearing into his mouth or if you keep your tongue moving in random circular motions too fast, this is a clear indication that everything is not fine, and things might be awkward for your partner.

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  1. Your partner often politely pushes you away

bad kisser


This might happen when your partner is not at all comfortable with the kiss. If he is enjoying the experience, he will surely pull you towards him, but if the opposite is happening, you better read the hint. But, this might also mean that you are leading him too much, and he wants his own space. It is better to understand his likings here to be a great kisser.

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  1. You slobber too much

Overproduction of saliva can at times turn your partner off. A bit of saliva might spice up the things, but if you slobbering too much; it might feel uncomfortable to your partner. Read the signs here to understand the real cause.

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