Signs That Show You Share Too Much About Your Relationship

Are you one of those who share and talk too much about their relationship and find solace on social media? Knowingly or unknowingly, there are times, when we end up sharing a lot of details about our relationship with our friends and siblings.

If you feel that you spill a lot of beans but are not sure enough, look out for these signs.

  1. Your friends, roommates, and peers know about all your fights

share too much about relationship


Think about it. No matter how small or big your fight is, your friends and closed ones know about it all. You just can’t resist yourself from sharing your feelings, anger, and annoyance with them and if they know everything about your love life – let’s admit that you share too much about your relationship.

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  1. Everyone knows how he pampered you


Do you love sharing all those cute little things that he does for you? Do you upload the photos of all the gifts that he gives you probably because you feel like it is important to show the world how much he loves you? Well, you might be revealing too much about your relationship!

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  1. No secretive date plans

Dates with bae are the best way to have some personal time. But instead of enjoying with him, are you more interested is in clicking good pictures to upload, making story threads, selfies to share with your friends and followers?

Further, after your date, do you immediately call your friends to share what all happened? If yes, chances are high that your friends and family know more about your relationship than they should probably know.

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  1. No personal things between ‘just’ you two

share too much about relationship


You guys are dating and still, there is nothing personal between just the two of you. This is something serious and this is a major sign that you share a lot of details about your relationship.

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  1. Your sexual life is not a secret too

share too much about relationship


We can understand how exciting that first kiss is and how special that first night was for you. But being special and exciting does not mean that you need to share these details with your friends or your siblings. This should be something extremely personal and just between the two of you.

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  1. Your social media is your anniversary and birthdays diary

Be it the birthdays, anniversaries and any other important dates – everything is uploaded on social media. You post really long captions, stories, and pictures on your social media on these important dates and tell the world about these moments.

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  1. Updating the bestie/sibling with every minor detail

share too much about relationship


If you have the habit of telling all that happened between you guys on a daily basis to your friends or siblings, well, you might be revealing a lot about your relationship. His regular life updates, your random gossip, your plans and the like – you are not supposed to share this stuff way too much with everyone!

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  1. People rolling eyes and showing no interest

TBH, sometime your relationship status may get on the nerves of the people you are sharing with. Either through social media or in person, people may not be interested in your stories because you kind of bore them. They start rolling their eyes or start showing disinterest towards your stories. This is a sheer sign that you have gone overboard with your relationship stories and updates.

  1. You have lost the count of how many people you shared the story with

If it comes to this, then you got to stop what you share with your peers about your relationship. You do not even know with how many people you have shared your relationship story with. STOP IT, girl, stop it.

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