7 Tips That Girls Who Smell Awesome Throughout The Day Follow

Let’s admit it. Most of us not even bother as to how they smell to others. Each one of us has those days when we’re in hurry and would skip shower in the morning, or just sweat too much! But, if your body odor has always bothered you and you have always tried to smell awesome throughout the day, well we just got you covered!

  1. Coat your body with unscented body lotion before spraying perfume

It is always recommended to apply perfume over a hydrated skin. It is thus best to spray perfume after applying lotion or as soon as you have taken bath as perfume adheres better that way. This would make your perfume last longer and would you smell awesome throughout the day.

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  1. Check what you eat

The foods that you eat have a strong say in deciding your body chemistry. Strong flavored foods like garlic and onion do not only make your breath smell bad but also decide your body odor. No, you don’t need to skip that particular food but just be sure of taking counterattack measures to beat the smell. You might want to chew a mouth freshener or take an extra shower.

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  1. Spray perfume on all major parts

smell awesome throughout the day


Spraying perfume on clothes is fine, but for better results, spray it over your skin preferably on all major plus points – on your wrist, behind ears, on the throat and so on.

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  1. Apply a scented body lotion

If you do not like perfumes or don’t like to wear them daily, it is always recommended to apply a nice body lotion in order to smell awesome throughout the day. You might also like to apply it over your damped body after you take a shower to make it last longer.

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  1. Use a shampoo that smells amazing

smell awesome throughout the day


It is not only about the body that smells amazing, but there are girls whose hair just smells awesome. Get yourself a good shampoo and conditioner which smells really good. However, be careful about the ingredients that they are not harsh on your hair.

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  1. Maintain proper hygiene

It is not only about perfumes which would you smell amazing but your personal hygiene too. There are girls who don’t wear any scented lotion or perfume but still smell great, all because they maintain hygiene and shower regularly or twice a day if they sweat too much.

Further, you should wear clean clothes daily and wash your bed sheets often. It is only obvious that if you wear old and icky clothes, your body would start smelling too.

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  1. Get the right fabrics

Do you feel sweaty all the time? Well, your cloth fabric might be the real culprit. Certain fabrics make you sweat and smell more, while others can help you in holding scents for longer.

Cotton helps you absorb sweat. Similarly, avoid wearing clothes that are tight at your armpit as this would avoid sweat from evaporating and make you smell.

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