10 Ready-To-Send Texts To Start A Conversation With Your Crush

How many times we think of texting our crush, and then delete the messages. Just because we are not sure if he would actually care to reply, or simply ignore! It is not at all abnormal to sometimes get stuck as to how to start a conversation and break the ice. A key tip is whenever you text your crush you just have to make sure that the message needs to have a content to which he/she is bound to reply. Avoid sending forwarded messages or jokes, to which they might not care to reply. To help you out, here are 10 ready-to-send pick-up lines to help you start a conversation with your crush:

  1. “I have heard that you are looking forward to watching a movie?”

conversation with your crush


This can be start-up line if you have been lucky to come across a post while stalking them on social media that your crush is super interested in a certain movie (perhaps he posted a trailer to his Instagram profile)! You can start a conversation by showing interest in the same movie and telling that you’d love to watch the movie too. This helps to portray to him that you are probably interested in hanging out with him and it’s such a simple way of setting up a date with your crush.

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  1. Tell him there is something that always reminds you of him

Well to start a conversation with your crush, this can prove to be an easy option. You can tell him that you were listening to songs and there is a song which you can totally relate to him and it always make you think of him. And of course, this can be a total lie but it’ll definitely prove to be a great way to approach him and start a conversation.

Relating to a song is optional and there could be a lot of other things that reminds you of him: an Actor, a movie, a TV show or a painting

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  1. Try not to be very serious over conversations

conversation with your crush


Start a conversation with your crush but try to keep it non-serious, fun and playful which makes him feel good to talk to you. Keeping the conversation light would also assure you that whenever he would feel stressed, he would think of you at once because he knows you are the stress booster and can make him smile.

A red alert tip is to avoid sending him short messages like “yeah,” “sure”, “fine” and “okay”. They are the worst replies ever.

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  1. “We should run into each other more often”

So this can be a cheesy line which you can use if you accidentally ran into your crush at school, college or at work. This is an opportunity to start a conversation once you are back home which would make him feel that you have been thinking about him since then and put you in a state to step forward. Exclaim to him simply, “It’s nice to bump into you”, and add a winking smiley to it.

This is an amazing way to start a conversation which hints it to him that you like him.

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  1. “What are your hobbies?”

conversation with your crush


Well, this is something that will help you know him better and also keep him intrigued in the conversation. You might also share common interests with him and that’ll help to grow your bond stronger with him.

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  1. “You resemble …”

Another way to hit on him is to tell him that he resembles a HOT celebrity and you love that celebrity. It’ll make him feel good (because who doesn’t like to be called HOT) and he’ll definitely respond to flattery. And, it can excite a conversation to which he would reply definitely.

  1. “I had a dream about you!”

Telling him that you had a dream about him would excite him to know what the dream was about and a reply is definite. We do dream about our friends but do not ping them specially, so here lies the difference and even if you didn’t have him in your dreams, FAKE IT!

He’ll probably assume that you were doing something romantic and it’ll be fun for sure.

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  1. Try to distract him

If you know that he is having a busy day at college or office, try to distract him with some super flirty texts that would make him feel special and wanted. He’ll be looking for a break from the stressful day and your text can simply bring a smile to his face and you’ll have his attention immediately. It could start a conversation that can last for hours.

  1. I had a great time catching up with you today

conversation with your crush


Start a conversation telling him how lovely you felt in his company and that you should meet him more often. And this can be sent when you have had a meeting at college, be it in the canteen or library. It is a nice way to tell him that you enjoy his company.

  1. “Have you ever wondered about…..?”

Try to be philosopher sometimes and pick up any topic randomly. It might start a conversation which could start from being a topper to having study session together. As anything that helps you to hang out with him would be a step forward.

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