7 Fabulous Styling Tips For Monsoon You Need To Know About

Don’t we all *love* monsoon? We simply do! But like winters and summers, monsoons are unpredictable too. Sometimes it is drizzling, sometimes it is more than pleasant and sometimes it is raining so heavily. And, so there is a trouble – how to look trendy and stylish in the monsoon?

Well, fret no more! All your monsoon woes will go for a toss with these amazing styling tips for monsoon!

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  1. Say no to leather

styling tips for monsoon


Leathers should be a complete no during the monsoon season. Due to extreme humidity in the atmosphere, leathers are only going to make you feel uncomfortable. So, it is better to keep them stacked in your closet until the summers.

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  1. Try color blocking

styling tips for monsoon


One trend which you should definitely try in this rainy and gloomy weather is the color block trend. Color blocking looks fabulous when the climate is light and easy breezy. However, make it sure that it not loud on the eyes!

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  1. Bright colors are great

styling tips for monsoon


One of the best styling tips for monsoon is going bright. Opt for colors like bright yellow, hot pink, mustard, peacock blue and the likes, and we’re sure, you’ll slay wherever you’ll go!

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  1. Say yes to florals

styling tips for monsoon


Prints are always a yes during this weather and florals are like icing on the cake!  We like how the flowers blossom everywhere in the monsoon and your floral dress would only add stars to your look.

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  1. Light fabrics are in

styling tips for monsoon


Since the weather is sticky and sweaty, it is highly recommended to wear light fabrics. The fabrics like chinon, chiffon, cotton and georgette are the best types of fabrics to choose this season.

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  1. Exclude the boots

Avoid wearing the boots during the monsoon season. Firstly, you will be not able to manage better and they will get dirty and shabby easily. Further, boots will also make your foot to sweat more, thus creating a lot of chaos and discomfort.

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  1. Go a bit short

styling tips for monsoon


Monsoon is the season when you can go short and be extremely comfortable. Ditch the jeans and the pants and style with the shorts, skirts and knee length dungarees and overalls, dresses and more.

Try and experiment more and more with your style and go short with your outfits. Do not forget to keep your look easy breezy.

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