6 Sun Care Mistakes That Are Taking a Toll On Your Skin

Summers are so much fun! From random bike rides to sipping cold cocktails and beach strolls – everything sounds awesome unless sun’s strong rays start penetrating our skin blessing us with pesky spots, dark circles, and tanned skin

It is for those sunny months that you should check your habits and avoid these sun care mistakes.

1. I am not going out in the sun and so why should I apply sunscreen?

sun care mistakes

Well, this is where most of us go wrong. And you might find it surprising that sun rays can bless us with so unwanted damage even during cloudy days and through the windows inside closed rooms. Don’t sit near windows? Well, the bulb at your head might also give off UV rays, did you know? Grab the sunscreen now before you read further!

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2. That once I have applied, I don’t need to scratch my back and reapply

No matter how annoying it is to pile up sunscreen after every few hours, but darling, sweat, and water exposure have already nullified the effect of the sunscreen and now it is as good as if it was not applied!

3. I often pick up spray for lotion

This is one of the common sun care mistakes we all are guilty of making. Spray just gives a quarter protection of what is promised by the brand. While a lotion gives half of it.  So unless you are spraying your body four times or so, the spray is not doing any noticeable good for you.

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4. You get hold of the sunscreen some 5 minutes before you step out

Wrong again!  It takes sunscreen around half an hour to get into action.  And if you are stepping just 5 minutes after applying the sunscreen, sorry to say, but you would not be able to garner the positives of applying sunscreen.  Further care should be taken that the skin should be dry and cool instead of hot and sweaty.

5. Look what I found?  A sunscreen from my school days

sun care mistakes

Not sure why, but yes sunscreens are a prey to our biased nature.  When we toss out our makeup every two years, why do we treat sunscreen differently?  Don’t keep a sunscreen lying there on the shelf for more than 3 years!

To better track them, label them with the date you bought them to avoid any good sunscreen bottles being tossed out for trash.

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6. Sunscreen in my makeup/moisturizer is enough

Yes, moisturizers today are coming packed with SPF 15 and that might be a good excuse to skip sunscreen in your daily beauty regime, but you got the game completely wrong!

It is better to apply sunscreen before you pile it up with any beauty products.  Let your skin soak it and then blot the excess product with the help of a tissue paper.

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