7 Sweet Text Messages For Your Boyfriend To Melt His Heart

Why leave a few words unsaid, when you can convey your feelings wholeheartedly and add a feeling of comfort in your relationship? Never lose a spark in your relationship and make him fall for you once again with these cute text messages for him. Check out, and we’re sure these text messages for your boyfriend will surely melt your guy’s heart.

  1. I’m feeling jittery on thinking of seeing you soon

texts for boyfriend


This sweet text message for him would surely make him special and let him know that you are as excited to meet him as he is. And wow, it feels *great*!

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  1. What color undies should I wear? *wink*

Going for a late night date, and planning to sleep at his place? Well, this text message is sure to take his excitement to an all-new level, and rush his adrenaline, believe us. *hearts*.

  1. I’m counting down the minutes when I’ll get to plant my kiss on your lips

Even if you are not counting, this message will surely make him count the minutes, and would make him feel tempted to meet you anytime soon without delays. And the best part, throughout the date, he will keep on thinking of the time when you’ll kiss him.

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  1. You make me feel like princess of the world

texts for boyfriend


For all the care and affection that he shows, he definitely deserves a few words of appreciation, yes? And this text message will make him feel that his love is being acknowledged.

  1. Living together with you is what my idea of having a perfect life is

Planning to talk with him about taking your relationship to the next level? Well, this message is perfect to initiate a conversation, and would surely melt your guy too.

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  1. Your arms are my second home

Had a romantic date, and already missing him? Well, this cute text message for him would surely help you convey your feelings, although the feeling is beyond the word, right?

  1. Just waiting to see you after work

This text would surely make him feel wanted, and what else can you ask for?

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