Are You Taking Care of Handbag? If Not, Here is How!

A woman can never have enough handbags! It might be surprising, as much as we love to buy and collect them, we don’t reciprocate the same amount of love when it comes to their care. And this is the reason, that they are often found resting in our wardrobes, thrown and hanged carelessly. Not anymore! Here is a quick guide to taking care of handbags effortlessly.

taking care of handbag

Ink stains?

Use a white eraser on the ink spot. Rub a bit and check if the color is coming out.  Eraser generally proves to be of help if rubbed on the ink spot right away.

Oil stains?

Baby powder works wonders on oil stains. Apply the baby powder on the spot and let it sit over there for a night. A major part of the spot would be gone by morning, but if not, repeat the process again. Now you see, taking care of handbag is no rocket science!

Makeup stains?

It is always a good idea to keep makeup and cosmetics in a makeup bag before keeping those in your handbag. But somehow, if your blush has exploded in your handbag, make use of pre-moistened makeup removing wipes. They will pull off any loose powder swiftly.

Food stains?

If the foodie in you has left some food stains on your handbag, take help of a white chalk powder. Apply it on the affected area and leave it there for overnight. Remove it with a clean cloth in the morning. You will see that the stain has gone.

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Foul smell?

Fighting with foul smell is an important element of taking care of handbag. We all are guilty of keeping food items in our handbags and often forget after keeping them. And that whole biological process of decomposition gets triggered, giving your bag a foul smell. If that recently happened to you, get yourself an open container of baking powder. Keep it safely inside the bag. Place the bag in the dust bag and let it rest there for around 24 hours. Baking powder would absorb any foul smell, leaving your bag fresh.

Taking Care of Handbag: Some Healthy Practices to Follow

taking care of handbag

  • Always make use of dust bag that your handbag arrived in the first place. Dust bags are provided for a reason, and not just to add five stars to the packaging. If your bag arrived without dust bag, an old pillow cover would serve the purpose just well.
  • Always keep your handbag stuffed. You may make balls out of newspaper and stuff those in your bag strategically. This will ensure that the bag remains in shape throughout even when you’re not using it.
  • Don’t hold your bag immediately after applying a hand cream. You’ll just pass on the grease stains to it.

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  • Stay away from saddle soap. It would do more harm to your handbag than doing good.
  • Don’t hang your purses in wardrobe. It would cause wear and tear on the handles, especially due to the weight. Keep them rested in a comfortable position.

Images: Pixabay