11 Things You Should Thank Your Boyfriend For, But Haven’t

No, Valentine’s Day is not round the corner, and so that doesn’t mean that your boyfriend doesn’t deserve the appreciation for all the little and kind things that he does for you, willingly or unwillingly (pun intended!). Yes, big and romantic gestures are definitely going to melt your heart, but at the end of the day, it is the little things that he does which keeps the spark alive in your relationship for which he definitely should be appreciated and thanked.

There are things which mean a lot to you, yet you don’t thank your boyfriend enough for doing those for you. Not anymore, let’s get started!

  1. When he behaves as your personal clown

thank your boyfriend


Remember when gave a pathetic presentation, and were feeling low? And how he instantly lifted your mood with his pathetic sense of humor but at least made you smile? Your boyfriend does everything out of his comfort zone just to make you laugh and make you feel better when you have gone through a rough day. He surely deserves big thanks.

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  1. For all the little times when he makes you feel like a princess

When he does the ‘Gentleman alert’ things for you which could be opening a door for you, even though he knows you can do it for yourself.

  1. He happily surrenders more than half of the bed to you

thank your boyfriend


When he pretends that he didn’t notice you sprawling over the bed last night and that you had at least 95% of the mattress.

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  1. He gives some real ‘boyfriend goals’ to others

When he gives you his jacket in a chilling weather without thinking how cold would he feel without the same because all he wants is to comfort you with warmth.

  1. “Am I looking fat?” “No, princess”

When he reassures you that you’re not looking fat, for the fourth time in a day!

  1. Yes, he can now correlate your hunger with pizza

thank your boyfriend


When he understands that the phrase “Are you hungry? Do you want to have a pizza?” really means, “I’m hungry, let’s go to have pizza “. He understands you so well.

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  1. When he makes you feel secure

When he tells you that a girl in his class isn’t hotter than you when you are insecure, even though she is completely ten times hotter than you (let’s face it).

  1. For keeping you updated every time through texts

When he deals with your anger for not replying within 2 minutes and you not replying for 2 hours is fine and should be understood.

  1. When he takes your hundred pictures patiently

Taking Insta-worthy pictures of you with your girl gang for the tenth time, because the earlier ones didn’t have a good angle.

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  1. When he is the ultimate friend you can count upon

thank your boyfriend


Because he is there for you as a friend to listen to all the gossips and then as a boyfriend to love you and comfort you at the same time.

  1. He turns off the lights every time, no questions asked

When he is the one to get up and turn off the lights when you both have slipped into the bed.

Time to say thanks to him, no?

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