PeepyPeeps Blog Network Welcomes Niharika Verma!

A foodie by heart and lifestyle-beauty blogger by choice, Niharika Verma just joined the PeepyPeeps blog network – PeepyPeeps Squad and we just can’t keep calm! She is a true Libra and gets irritated when things go unequal. She loves to spend her most of the time with a few people who are closer to her heart. Her blog The Pink Velvet Blog is about all things beauty and lifestyle and much more!

Let’s find out more about her.

PeepyPeeps Rapid Round

  • Who is your fashion inspiration?

No one. Not much into trending fashion. I wear what I feel I look good in.

  • How you came into beauty blogging?

Since my childhood I was addicted to collect cosmetics. In my teenage hood, I got addicted to try newly launched products. This lead to me into blogging and Rati Tehri Singh from IMBB will be my inspiration forever

  • Your celebrity crush?

Haha! No one as a crush. I love actors when I am impressed by their performance.

  • Do you prefer tea or coffee?

Herbal Tea

  • Heels or flats?


PeepyPeeps blog network

  • Skirts or shorts? Why?

Shorts! I like being comfortable with my legs LOL.

  • Your favorite makeup brand?


  • Your favorite quote?

Let your work speak

  • Where would you like to have your next/first tattoo?

On my Chest! Haha

  • You favorite beauty regime?

Eating Flax Seeds in the Morning followed my CTM. Again, CTM at night with my acne cream ensuring I had 2 ltrs of water 🙂

  • One last question, how do you feel to be a part of PeepyPeeps Squad?

Pretty Good, I am excited for future opportunities 🙂

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