7 Things You Should Not Share With Your Friends About Your Relationship

Relationships have ups and downs, and it’s important for everyone to vent out their feelings but only to a certain extent. There are various things in a relationship that need not be shared with anyone. Relationships work better if they are not exposed to anybody. There are things that you might want to brag about, but at the same time, some things are better kept between the two of you.  Here are a few things that you should not share with your friends about your relationship:

  • About fights

It is a human tendency that we want to vent out our feelings when we are sad. But it’s not recommended to share about your fight with anyone, until and unless you require an honest opinion. Your fight will be solved in a couple of days and you’ll forget about it, but your friends will form an image about your relationship that you can’t even change later. Do not let your relation to be an open book to the world.

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  • The ‘not-so-good’ gift that he bought you

things not to share with your friends


You should always keep a key to the best relation in mind- “Stay satisfied with what you get”. It’s a thought that should count for you, and not the quality of the gift. You should be happy that he thought of getting you something, and trust us; it might have taken him all the efforts to get you a gift with a pure intention to see you smile. If you need a relation just to brag about what your boyfriend got you, then surely you are with the wrong person.

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  • Past relationships

Never share your boyfriend’s past relationship with friends. Your friend doesn’t need to know who dumped your boyfriend three years ago. If your beloved tells you anything, he does so with trust that it’ll only stay with you, do not break their trust. None of the personal details should be enclosed in front of anyone.

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  • Intimate details

Whatever happens in the closed room, must stay in the room itself. You should keep it between just the two of you.

  • Money issues

If your partner is going through certain ups and downs in their financial status, then you need not discuss it even with the best of your friends. It will only make you look cheap and gold digger. You need to support your partner in need and not go talking behind their back.

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  • His embarrassing habits


Your partner might possess habits that you dislike, but you should keep yourself from sharing it with your friends. They might not be interested in what bad habits your partner possesses. If you make him feel that you are embarrassed, he might lose self-confidence and interest in you as well. If your partner has an embarrassing habit of farting in public, then you have to get used to it, and not crib about it in front of your friends.

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  • His personal problems

We tend to discuss things with friends to get a positive feedback about a situation from them. But we would suggest you to never discuss your partner’s personal issues in life. If your boyfriend shares with you his family issues, then he trusts you with the information and you should keep it to yourself. What if they find it from someone else that you shared his personal problems? It would only lead to fighting and he’ll never be able to trust you again.

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