5 Things You Should Avoid Telling Your Bae

Needless to say, sharing and communication are a few essential ingredients of a successful relationship. But it is also important to note that you don’t have to tell anything and everything to your boyfriend. On the other side, being too open and sharing everything can also have its own set of consequences. Without wasting a minute further, let’s have a quick look on a few aspects that you should avoid discussing with your boyfriend.

  1. Anything you’re not comfortable telling

things not to tell your boyfriend


Have anything that you don’t feel comfortable while talking about? Well, you don’t have to tell everything to your bae. Peace. You’re different and since you are committed, it no way means that you should share each and every minute detail with your bae. You might have different opinions, and so might be your bae.

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  1. Being too much clear about your finances

You’re completely broke and you have some major expenses to make? Well, go ahead and seek help from your partner. But then again, you don’t need to discuss your finances down to every cent every time with your bae. Avoid talking about your existing account balance, your pin code and the likes, just to avoid arguments and complexity.

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  1. Things about your family

things not to tell your boyfriend


Yes, it is necessary for bae to know about your family, but you don’t necessarily need to share every single thing about it. Bae might not appreciate it, and it would be boring too. Make sure that your family’s business is entirely your family’s business, and have a fine line between your family issues and personal life.

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  1. Sharing everything that you do when you’re not with him

The friends you hanged out with, the cafeteria you visited and the likes. Avoid sharing what you do behind his back in-depth, and if it is your boy-friend who wants to know, well, this might be a signal that he is being dominating.

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  1. Everything about your friends’ life

Until and unless you have common friends, you should not share everything that is happening in your friend’s life with your boyfriend. This again is very boring, and might not be of any use for your man. It is important to avoid oversharing everything.

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