7 Things You Should Avoid Doing Around Your Crush

Girls tend to act awkward around their crush. It’s a known fact! However hard you try to be normal around your crush, you always end up messing it up. So save yourself from the embarrassment and imprint some of the things you shouldn’t definitely do around your crush.

  1. Don’t brag about how desired you are

Things You Should Avoid Doing Around Your Crush


Think about it yourself – how will be someone interested in you if you brag about your list of people who are into you? They would instead think that why you are trying your luck with them, and this is definitely not what you want. So, never act like you are wanted by many in front of your crush.

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  1. Don’t ever change yourself particularly to impress your crush

That’s the lamest thing to do. Don’t ever think that changing yourself will make your crush fall for you and even if he does, he isn’t a person to be crushed on. If your crush can’t accept you as you are, it is better to find someone else.

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  1. Don’t pretend to know what you don’t

Things You Should Avoid Doing Around Your Crush


If you are having a conversation with him about music and books, and you don’t even have heard of them, don’t pretend to know it. Instead, initiate a healthy and honest conversation and rather use it as an opportunity to talk to him further.

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  1. Don’t play it hard

Some people always want to be chased while some don’t. So, don’t play it too hard as not everyone is into games.

  1. Don’t sell your self-esteem for your crush’s sake

Just be yourself even when your crush thinks you aren’t that cool. Don’t start doing things just for the sake of his approval. If he had a lot of hookups, just don’t give up your morals for his sake alone. Believe me, they are not worth it. A gentlemanly person wouldn’t ask you to do that in the first place.

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  1. Don’t lose your dominance

Don’t let him control you fully. You are just as smart as him and may be one step ahead. Don’t let yourself be the pawn in the chess. If they aren’t replying to your text, don’t feel defective. Give no one the power to think any less of you. NO ONE. Don’t let a random crush lose your mind.

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  1. Don’t bombard them with messages

Things You Should Avoid Doing Around Your Crush


There is a fine line between want and desperation. Don’t cross this and become a despo. Don’t bombard them with messages if they aren’t replying you back. Texting first and double texting are two different scenarios. Judge the texting stage you are on with him and take a hint if he’s interested in you or not.

Crushes are good to have but can be lethal to health, especially heart. Just have a worthy crush to be crushing on and then you are free to move mountains for him.

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