7 AWESOME Things To Do With Your Bestie This Weekend

Are you also waiting for the ‘Ache Din’? Well, there are always better days waiting for us and they are the Saturdays and the Sundays. Yes, the weekends are obviously the best days of the week. However, if your weekends have turned monotonous with Sunday brunches and sleep, here are a few great activities you can indulge in with your bestie this weekend.

  1. Binge-watching

things to do this weekend


Who doesn’t love binge watching their favorite series? But, we hardly get time to catch up with our favorite shows, because of our 10 to 8 schedule. Not anymore! Save this weekend for binge watching your favorite series or the movies with your bestie. Show up in your favorite PJs, a tub of popcorns. Wish you a happy lazy-cozy weekend!

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  1. A morning run

If you are like me, morning jogging and the walking session don’t exist for us. But this weekend, just make it happen! Join some fitness groups of your city and join their fitness events to make your weekend a bit interesting and fit.

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  1. Spa session

things to do this weekend


How many times do we intend to have a spa session, but have skipped it because of our hectic schedules? Ditch all the other plans for this weekends and take out some time for yourself and your bestie. Book a couple spa session at the best spa center of your city and get yourself pampered.

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  1. An NGO visit

Undoubtedly, visiting NGO and spending some time with the old age people or the kids at the orphanage or any disabled home is satisfying and gives immense happiness. Go ahead, and save the date. You can also visit animal shelters and pamper animals.

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  1. The heritage seek

There are many types of heritage parks and the cultural shows which are held every weekend. All you need to do is search for those events and the shows in your city and head on to these events straight away!

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  1. Street shopping

things to do this weekend


Shopping is something that never hurts any woman. And street shopping is even better. All you have to do is roam, explore and splurge. And, yes, the street food is the topping on the cake!

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  1. Get set for a weekend getaway

things to do this weekend


Weekend getaways and the best plans for the weekend anyone can have. The small road trips provide you an awesome break without spending a dime. Clicking selfies, making memories, and enjoying serene atmosphere would surely energize you for the weekdays ahead.

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