10 Things You Need To Do Before 2018 Starts

Happy December! We’re done with one more year and are in the final stretch of 2017. Just in a matter of a few days, a new year would start and this all is very exciting along with stressing. Exciting because a new year comes with a hell lot of new things – you might be starting a new school, new college, going to be in a relationship or welcoming your little bud. Stressing because we never know how 2018 will going to be? And so we need to be prepared to welcome 2018. Here are a few things to do before 2018 starts!

  1. Rearrange your room

things you need to do before 2017


How is it like to give a makeover to your room? You have spent your whole 2017 in the same setup. A little bit reorganization would attract positive energy and would make you feel enthusiastic and it is surely a great way to welcome 2018. What say?

Further, you can always remember a lot about your previously spent year by the way you structured it. After all, you spend a lot of your time there and it deserves a bit extra attention!

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  1. Set up an appointment with your doctor

Health is wealth! Start your new year 2018 on the same note and do every possible effort to stay healthy the coming year. Make appointments with your gyno and rule out any misunderstandings that you might be having, get a regular vaginal check-up and stay healthy!

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  1. Donate the unnecessary things

things you need to do before 2017


2017 had been a lot expensive and you have spent ruthlessly on various unnecessary items and thus have accumulated a ton of random stuff that you don’t need. What could be a better time to donate than December? Further, you have also recognized your room and stuff that you don’t need are already scanned by you. Donate that jacket and kurti that you no longer wear, as someone somewhere would be happy to get them!

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  1. How about recapping 2017?

Sit with your family members or friends and try to recap 2017. Categorize your year in three categories – rose, bud and thorn. Rose is about all things great, bud is about stuff that has the potential to become great and thorn is something that is bad. This would help you evaluate your year in a better way, and it is fun to look back and see all the good memories that you had.

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  1. Up your planning game

2108 is round the corner and it is the right time that you start planning for it. Plan family trips that you already planned for several times in 2017 but they somehow didn’t happen. Organize your life and be very clear with your goals and aims this year!

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  1. Look in the eyes of someone you love

things you need to do before 2017


Don’t make yourself emotionally vulnerable but yes, it is necessary at least once in a while to look in the eyes of people you love, whether it be your sister, mother, father, brother, anyone – just tell them how much you love them and how important they are to your life.

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  1. Write a letter to yourself

Make your 2017 memorable by writing a letter to yourself. How many times you do that? Not often, right? Now is the right time to do that. Write about your strengths. Talk about the days you felt low and weak but then you emerged out even stronger. Write everything random that you would like to talk with you.

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  1. Clean up your inbox, desktop and delete unwanted photos

Your mobile and desktop are already full of unlimited photos that you clicked this year. Random messages from friends, promotional, and what not? Delete the unwanted and make space for 2018.

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  1. Celebrate

things you need to do before 2017


Celebrations needs no reason, agree? No matter if your year was worst, 2018 can even be worse, but you always need to be hopeful. Party and move on!

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  1. Be positive

Lastly, start your new year on a positive note! Make sure you do the above-mentioned things before 2018 starts. We wish you a rocking new year ahead. 🙂

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