Things Every Woman Should Have in Her Purse

The handbag is a girl’s best friend.  From carrying daily essentials to totally gross stuff – handbags are with us every time.  But the problem is, we often take it for granted.  With oversized bags in vogue today, we all tend to carry a lot more than we actually need. And the result is – we end up carrying half of our home with us.

Girls, believe me, less is more.  Step a day just with the true essentials, and you will end up living more and carrying less! Here are a few essentials that you must carry along.

1. Makeup kit

It goes without saying, you are a makeup girl or not, it is only wiser to keep things separately.  You won’t like your chopstick being messed up with lip balm.

2. Pen drive

1 things to carry in purse

Girl, you no longer are living in the 20th century. You flaunt a smartphone.  It only is obvious to carry a pen drive with you.  Just for the moments when you want to carry a movie with you or want to exchange those pretty pics – why restrict yourself?

3. Feminine stuffs

Of course, you won’t like to be in the shoes of a 14-year-old girl again with spotted clothes. You never know when you have an unexpected period waiting for you. Carrying a sanitary pad and an extra for those urgent times would just be a savior step. No, thank us later!

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4. Hand Sanitizer

2 things to carry in purse

From pushing that door knob to swiping ATM cards, shaking hands, exchanging money and millions of other times – we carry a lot of germs with us than we can imagine. And during that ultimate foodie moment when hunger is burning us out, we grab food with those hands without any second thought! It is for those moments that a hand sanitizer must be in your bag!

5. Clutchers

It happens when you just can’t bear your hair flowing on your face anymore, you would heartily wish to have a clutcher by you. Why not carry one in your bag?

6. Face wipes

Washing my face at least twice a day is an essential part of my beauty regime, and thus, I always make it a point to carry face wipes with me!

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7. Earphones

3 things to carry in purse

You never know when you may have to wait for someone, or you’re on cloud 9 and want to spend some quality time with you. Grab those earphones and keep them safely inside your handbag.

8. Tablets

It is highly recommended to carry a few tablets like that of allergy, cough and cold and headache with you to avoid those oops moments.

9. Mouth freshener

Bad breath can be a big turnoff. Least you would want is to let your friends know that you had Chinese rice in lunch! It is thus highly recommended to carry a mouth freshener with you and have it whenever needed.

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