10 Things You Will Relate To If You Are A Daddy’s Girl

Calling all the daddy’s girls out there! Needless to say, you all are the more powerful and stronger because you are always backed up your father. You have that strong personality and an independent attitude just because of that man who always believed in you, no matter what. But, whatever you are to the world, you will always be his little girl, forever! Here are a few things which you will always relate to if you are your daddy’s girl.

  1. He always supports you in everything (always above your brother)

You are always involved in endless fights with your brother. Simply because you are always confident that your father is always going to support you over him, always.

  1. He is the best adviser

daddy's girl


You know that he is the one who would always give you the best advice whether it be your career, studies, jobs and everything you are in dilemma for.

  1. He always accompanied you for the school meetings

You are a total daddy’s girl if your dad accompanied you to the PT meetings, schools and tuitions.

  1. He is the secret keeper

Do we even need to tell who is your reliable secret keeper? Definitely not! He is the one you can share all your dirty secrets, pranks and everything with.

  1. You compare every man you date with him

daddy's girl


You only feel strong for that man who is somewhere similar to your father. You think ‘He is the one’ who relates to your father in some way. You are definitely a daddy’s girl if you keep comparing every man you date with him.

  1. You have most of your childhood pictures him (where he is pampering you)


If you rummage your old album and see your childhood pictures, then you will find most of your pictures with your dad. He is either helping you pose or he is pampering you which are captured candidly.

  1. He supports you when your mother scolds you

Whenever you and your mother get into any heated argument and the topic goes into the ears of your father, he is always there to support ONLY you. Ahh, so much love!

  1. He is your ideal superhero (Better than Batman and the Superman)

Your father spoils you like crazy. While others girls might fantasize about superman, your dad is your own superman. He is your ideal hero and you always admire him. And this is why, you learn and appreciate his struggles, you learn from him to be a better and a selfless person.

  1. You have lots of inside jokes with your dad

As her daughter, you share the most number of inside jokes with your dad than you have with anyone else. You can understand his every mood. You are the only one who understands the meaning of his every pun and the reason behind every face he makes.

  1. You have most of the growing up memories with your dad

You have lots of memories with him from story-telling to him accompanying you to the school, he singing songs to make you sleep, he being overprotective about you and so much more.

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