10 Things You Will Totally Get If Diwali Is Your Favorite Festival

There is not just even one thing that you cannot like about Diwali. From shopping for new stuff to cleaning the mess of the house, everything is just so fabulous and happening. You just cannot keep calm if Diwali is around the corners.

If Diwali is your favorite festival, just like us, then we are sure, you would definitely relate to these things.

  1. There is something in the morning air that day



When you wake up on Diwali, you feel something different and something magical in the air on this day. It is just not the ordinary and you have an amazing feeling about it. Well, is it me or anyone else too?

  1. Waking up early to eat a lot of good Indian food

You wake up early this day, compared to any other day of your life and the first thing you do is forget all the diet plans and cheat massively with the good ‘Ghar Ka Khana’.

  1. You show all your hidden interior decoration talent

The best part of Diwali is decorating the house with lots and lots of flowers and decorative items. You are already done with planning and are waiting to execute it like a Boss.

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  1. You see sweets in the beautiful boxes everywhere

You see your house stacked with the sweets which you get from your friends and relatives and you can’t wait to eat them. Let’s not forget you also have an eye on those cute boxes for some accessory hoarding.

  1. You don’t allow anyone to mess with your rangoli

Rangoli making is your department and you don’t allow anyone to mess with it. Just your mom or sister can help you out, otherwise, no one else has the right to come near it and give their unasked opinions.

  1. You eat good food the entire day

Be it delicious puri and chhole or pulao and dal, you get to eat all the delicious food all day long and it is just so satisfying. Diwali is all about celebrations, love, happiness, togetherness and of course GOOD FOOD.

  1. You have a great get together with all your closed ones



The people who live far off come to the home on Diwali by taking some special leave, so that is a mini celebration in itself.

  1. The Laxmi puja time

Since, the decoration is your department, decorating the Laxmi Puja thaali and the chowki is also a must do work on your list. It is actually very overwhelming to see the entire family sit in the puja and pray for good health, wealth, and prosperity.

  1. Shagun, shagun and more shagun

Relatives don’t see us on this day with their tacky opinions and judgemental facts. They actually see us with shagun which includes a good amount of money in beautiful envelopes. Who does the counting as soon as their relatives are gone, anyone?

  1. Finally the dress up game



Dressing up like a diva is something which every girl waits for on Diwali. We all take out our ethnic wear and we are extremely high on our makeup, hair, outfit, and accessory. We can’t wait for the evening to look our best and click lots of pictures. Hashtag Diwali Doll is a must after all.

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Top Image & Featured Image: Pexels