10 Crucial Tips To Preventing Yourself From Getting Screwed In Your First Job

Just got hired? Well, this is an overwhelming moment but can soon turn out to be very stressful in no time. As a new-joinee, you want to impress your boss and would walk an extra mile to perform excellent. All this is important and practically possible, but you should also avoid getting screwed over. How would you do that? Here are a few tips for first job which would surely help you in making the most out of it.

  1. Avoid doing everything that your boss says

tips for first job


Undoubtedly, it is your first job and you want to impress your boss, no matter what! But, be at alert. Avoid doing everything that is thrown at you. While you might win hearts at first, you will soon be thought of as a person who handles everything, and this soon would be linked to your personality. This would raise the expectation level, and the appreciation so received will not be translated into a promotion.

Your boss is asking to come on Sunday – once in a while it is fine – but if it starts happening every now and then – politely refuse and say no. You have got your own personal life, and you have got rights to spend time with your family. Do not overburden yourself, or else, take note, you will be taken advantage of!

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  1. Don’t put the cash straightaway into the drawer

Working as a cashier? Take proper precautions, and avoid keeping the cash into the drawer until the transaction is fully settled with the customer. Want to give them a change? Hold the money in one hand while giving the change in another – so that they are not able to claim that they gave Rs 2000 when all they gave was Rs 500.

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  1. Keep a track of your working hours

You might have a swiping system in your workplace which tracks your hours or computer software at the place. Whatever it is, never rely fully on them, and maintain your own record – just in case!

  1. Don’t break the rules until you know who is who

Every office has a few clowns, real boss, and the bullies. Do not break the rules until and unless you have known enough about each of your office colleagues as you never know who is filling poison in your boss’s ears and who is keeping a close eye on you.

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  1. Don’t serve as an easy prey

tips for first job


Freshers are often misused for their desire to impress the boss and win applauds. But, never let this happen to you. Your co-workers are more likely to take your advantage by throwing crappy tasks on you which you don’t want to do. But, don’t let your new hire status exploit you.

  1. You are scolded but it not might be your fault completely

As a new joinee, you’re still learning to adapt yourself to the working environment. It is important to accept the fact that no matter how good you perform, you are bound to make mistakes, and get scolded by your boss at one point or the other. And believe us, it is completely okay. Also, learn that you’re not always at fault. Your boss might already be pissed off, and might have had a bad argument with his wife. This feels bad, but it is necessary for you to know, this just to avoid feeling low about yourself.

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  1. Find a new job if you hate your existing one

You might hate your job, a lot of people do. But, it should not be beyond a limit. If your job pissed you off too much and has no motivation left, well, it is the time to start looking for a new one!

  1. Don’t gossip with your co-workers

tips for first job


Having co-workers who are like friends to you is awesome and fun at the same time. But, be reminded that you are at your workplace and not at college, and things can get messier in no time. You never know who is a friend to whom.

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  1. Learn to say no

People might think that it is a blunder to say no, but instead, it is not! You should learn to say no once in a while. You might be working in shifts and might be asked to cover or swap shifts quite often. Well, except a few times and politely refuse the other times. You have got your own priorities too, and you should probably not let other employees exploit or bully you.

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  1. Don’t take it too seriously

Don’t work too hard that you start feeling stressed throughout. Work-life balance is important, and while it is essential to provide the output as per the money you get, but the money you earn is definitely not worth your health!

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