7 Desperate Ways You Are Trying To Be A Cool Girlfriend That Don’t Work

Are you always trying to be cool girlfriend? So much cool that you often end up hurting yourself? First of all, it won’t work; secondly, putting yourself in someone else’s shoes is so lame. Check out these 7 signs that prove you are trying damn hard to be a cool girlfriend, and then be honest – are you doing the same too?

  1. Proving time and again that you are not like other girls

cool girlfriend


This very idea of showing yourself that you’re a cool girl by making every other girl out there same is definitely not something to look upon. Also, it proves that being girly is bad which is obviously what you should not portray. Girls even try to shun girly characteristics and try to prove how they are similar to guys, which is a huge setback to their own personality.

You might like pink color, but then when you are with your bae, you are always like, ‘No, I don’t like pink, that’s so girly’!

Avoid doing this. This is definitely not cool, you see?

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  1. Pretending to be okay even when you’re not

cool girlfriend


You don’t like that your boyfriend should smoke, and still you pretend to be okay with it! You don’t like him coming late to his home, but still you show as if everything is fine, even when it is not. You don’t need to be okay with every little thing that your boyfriend does. He can make mistakes too and it is your duty to point out that to him. Showcasing as if you are fine just to be a cool girlfriend is stupid!

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  1. You don’t show you’re jealous even when you are

cool girlfriend


Because that’s how a cool girlfriend is supposed to be? By allowing your boyfriend to hang out with other girls, even when you don’t like? It is simply silly. Everyone gets jealous and this is a sign of a healthy relationship that you don’t want to share him with anyone else. Don’t just act like it is cool even when it is not!

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  1. Facing insult in public

There are boys out there who at times lose their temper so much that they even ignore the place they are in – on the bus, in a restaurant, in a café or even in a class. If listening to their shouting, hurling and abuses make you cool, then my girl, you are compromising with your self-esteem. Anything that tends to hurt your self-respect is definitely not cool and will never be!

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  1. Madly liking everything that they like

cool girlfriend


You might like continental, but because your bae likes Mexican, you’ll happily compromise your likings for him. At times, it is actually healthy for your relationship to adjust as per your partner’s likings, but if you do this every time just to look cool, it is just not cool but looks seriously lame!

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  1. Waiting for their reverts for days

cool girlfriend


So this guy of yours is super terrible and flaky and gets invisible at any time. He would ignore you for days, won’t text back and take calls. But then you act okay with it just because you don’t want to appear needy and look cool? Being cool doesn’t mean that anyone could walk over you and get you back when needed. Just never encourage this!

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  1. No argument

So you’re not arguing with him just because you want to act cool. Relationships involve fight and that’s pretty normal. You cannot expect your partner to think and act just the way you do, right? And if you are keeping your feelings restricted to yourself and now allowing them to come out just for the sake of being cool girlfriend, you are just not doing it right!

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