8 Amazing Ways You Need To Include Toothbrush In Your Beauty Regime

You would have never used your toothbrush with so much love before! We all have underestimated it by restricting its use only for dental care. Well, let me tell you, toothbrush is a lot more than that – a complete powerhouse, to sum up!

  1. Give your hair the much-needed bounce



Having a bad hair day and looking for ways to add volume to your lifeless hair? Simply, tease them up with a toothbrush. It not only gives a neat effect, but the toothbrush teases your hair much gently when compared to a comb.

  1. Tame your baby hair

Do you have those untamed baby hair and fly-aways that destroy your neat hairstyle? Simply handle them up with a hairspray. Spray a little hairspray on your toothbrush and comb softly. And you are done!

  1. Clean your nails

Always wanted to flaunt those clean and white nails? Fret not! Every time you take a shower in the morning, simply clean your nails with a spare toothbrush. The soft bristles of toothbrush clean the nails softly.

  1. Dye your hair like a boss

Did you ever think that toothbrush can be used even to dye and your hair? Well, no! If you want some quick highlights and just avoid getting the color blocked in hair roots, grab a toothbrush instead of a hair dye brush.

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  1. Ever thought of exfoliating your lips?

Exfoliating your lips makes them soft and kissable! If you too are after those smooth and soft lips, just use a toothbrush. Next time you brush your teeth, don’t forget toe exfoliate your lips too. For a better moisturizing and soothing effect, drop a few drops of coconut oil onto the brush.

  1. Make your eyebrows



For those days when you are not able to makeup to the salon, a quick job with a toothbrush can save hours! Just dip the toothbrush in your lip balm or mascara and brush your eyebrows in place.

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  1. Some quick nail art



How about doing a quick DIY nail art with this handy tool? Simply dip your brush in nail paint and flick it a bit to create that splatter effect. However, it is highly recommended to use a newspaper in the background to avoid scolding from your mother.

  1. As a lump cleaner

We all are guilty of clamping our eyebrows with the excess product every time we apply mascara. Not anymore! Use a toothbrush to de-clamp your eyebrows and separate them perfectly.

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Go, grab your toothbrush now! *Grin*

Top Image and Featured Image: Pixabay.com