Waxing vs. Shaving: Should You Wax Your Legs or Shave Them?

Summers are almost approaching and personally speaking, I cannot be happier than this. The sole reason for my happiness is summer clothes. But summer clothes also mean cleaner hands and legs. Yes, that means annoying waxing and shaving sessions often. So, should you wax your legs or shave them? Let’s get straight to the point and discuss more about waxing vs. shaving. Also, share your thoughts with us after you have read our take on this poll.

  1. Pain level

waxing vs. shaving


First things first, let’s talk about pain. We hate waxing because of the utmost pain that it gives us. If the length of your leg hair is long, then the pain level is even more. But that is not the case with shaving.

Shaving gives you no pain and is just so good. So, here shaving appears as a clear winner.

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  1. Effect on the skin

Waxing does not cause any side effects on the skin. Only if your skin is sensitive or the temperature of the wax is high, then it may cause burn or itching effect on the skin otherwise it is all good in the hood.

Shaving, on the other hand, is quite gentle on the skin. You can never have side effects of shaving on skin till you are not harming yourself with the trimmer or razor. We have neutral thoughts for both in this case but still, we feel that shaving is better on the skin.

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  1. Frequency of hair growth

Once you have waxed your leg hair, you are sorted for at least three to nine weeks. Shaving, on the other hand, is not effective for a longer time. The hair on hands and legs shows up generally in two to three days after shaving. So definitely waxing is better in this case.

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  1. Effect on shorter hair

There may be times when you are dealing with the ingrown hair or extremely shorter hair which shows up on the skin. Waxing is not effective on the ingrown hair and at that time shaving work like wonders.

  1. Time

waxing vs. shaving


Undoubtedly, waxing is more time taking than the shaving process. When it comes to shaving, you just need to have a lather cream and gel, wet your legs and shave instantly.

But waxing takes time as you have to heat the wax, apply with a spatula on the hair on your body and then wax using the sheets. Further, if you happen to spill the wax jar, in any case, you need to clean up that mess as well.

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  1. Cost

Shaving is almost free because you have to buy a razor which can work for days. And lather cream and gel are already with you. But, waxing is costly as you have to head over to the salon, get the service done and get rid of hair.

Final verdict:

Keeping the effectiveness in mind, we would highly recommend you to wax your legs. But, if you are in a hurry and don’t have time to visit a salon or wax at home, simply grab your razor and go ahead!

So, what are your thoughts on waxing vs. shaving?

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