10 Simple Ways To Make Your Dad Smile This Father’s Day

Do we really need a Father’s Day to celebrate? Definitely not! But, he definitely deserves a bit pampering, we mean, a huge amount of pampering, after all, he has done so much for us. Let’s dedicate a day to him, wherein we can actually express our gratitude towards him. And so, we are here with a few cute and loving tips to make your father smile this Father’s Day.

  1. Surprise him with his morning tea

The best way to wish your Dad a great father’s day is by getting up early and arranging his morning tea by yourself. Wish him along with his tea and he will be so surprised. After all, a girl who wakes up at 9, if manages to wake up at 7, it is a big deal, no?

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  1. Accompany him on his morning walks

If you are not a morning person then you can make your dad extremely happy when you accompany him in his morning walks. Also, have a cheat day and go on a morning long ride with him for an ice cream or a tea date.

  1. Have a breakfast together

father's day


If your breakfast timings do not match with each other, then ditch all the work and match your breakfast timings. Talk about life and enjoy every session of this breakfast. Also, don’t forget to click a selfie with your dad.

  1. Share your life issues

Remember those days when you used to share the smallest things which happened with you in the school when you were a kid. Recall those days and share all that you have within you and bring out the daddy’s hidden girl within you.

  1. Present him a scrapbook

father's day


We have made so many scrapbooks for our friends and bae, and this is the time to make one for your dad. Take out all the special pictures and take him down the memory lane. He surely will be mildly teary eyed with the best smile on his face.

  1. Take a day off to be with him

Ask your dad also to take a leave from his work and you too take a break for this day. Enjoy this entire day with him and watch TV, listen to his favorite songs, cook together and do everything that can make him smile.

  1. Discuss your future with him

We all have so many plans and decisions for the future which we cannot and do not share with our parents. But trust your parents and share everything with them. Especially on the father’s day, share all the thoughts and risks you have in mind regarding your future. Trust me; you will get the best advice in the world from him.

  1. Buy him a gift

What could be better than a gift to make someone smile! Buy him the best present he always wanted to buy but never did. He will be extremely proud of you!

  1. Make his favorite dessert at home

father's day


How about making a favorite dessert from him? He would definitely ask for more than one!

  1. Watch old pictures together

One of the best things to do with your dad on the Father’s day is to take out the album which has all the old pictures. The pictures of your parent’s marriage, your childhood images and many more pictures and have a great time watching it together.

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