7 Adorable Ways To Sort Fight With Bae And Make Him Miss You

People are never perfect. People can never be perfect. But relationships must be perfect. Though a perfect relationship is not the one in which you and your partner are always happy, never fight or always agree with each other. No, this is ideally not possible. A perfect relationship is not the one where you have to struggle hard to be always correct but a perfect relationship is the one where you and your partner are effortlessly yourselves and you make mistakes but you sort them together.

Yes, fights happen in every relationship and the goal should always be to end the fight and not the relation. So, if you have had a fight with your bae, just sort it out. Here are few tips and some adorable ways to sort fight with bae.

  1. Apology should be the first

Never hesitate to apologize to your partner at all. If it was your fault or may be even it was not yours, if you guys are really in love with each other, just take the first move and say SORRY to him. Call him, meet him or send him a text saying sorry.

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  1. Hugs and kisses

adorable ways to sort fight with bae


Don’t just save your hugs and kisses for those cuddly nights only. Just go ahead and hug him tight after you have fought. He needs it too, more often just like you.

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  1. An exhaustive but loving text message

adorable ways to sort fight with bae


Don’t lie to yourself? We all want such texts from him once in a while. So, we must also send him such a message so that he also gets super pampering all the time.

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  1. Give him a surprise visit

adorable ways to sort fight with bae


If this is possible, then nothing could be better than this. If you have fought and are not together at that moment, just rush to him ASAP with something cute to melt his heart and let him fall for you even more.

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  1. A REALLLLY long conversation

Try to sort things immediately and leave all your work aside and call him. Make sure you are giving all the time to him and sorting every issue one by one so that you guys are not having anything left unsaid.

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  1. Send him romantic songs

Just search your playlist for the most romantic songs and send him the one which has some beautiful lyrics which will melt him and make him miss you and feel good about everything. He needs to know that relationship is worth all the fights, after all.

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  1. Dedicate some loving status for him

Keep a nice status for him on any of your social media of which he is most active. Also, you can add a cute SORRY photo so that he can feel happy about it and will love you even more for all your cute gestures.

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These were some of the cutest ways to sort fight with your bae. Obviously, if you matter your relationship more than your ego you should never think anything else and go bold and take the first step.

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