11 Things To Know Before Wearing A Liquid Lipstick That Nobody Tells You

Lipstick! No! My lips aren’t made for it. The red color looks too dark, the pink looks light, the brown doesn’t suit and what not. Exactly not my cup of tea! Sounds like you? Well, liquid lipsticks can change your opinion upside down. Don’t have fuller lips, no worries! Don’t know how to apply lipstick? Doesn’t matter! Wearing a liquid lipstick would do the magic. They are easier to apply and not only make you love your lips but also make you brave enough to try any of the shades. Liquid lipsticks are on a totally different platform than the regular lipsticks.

  1. Low maintenance picks

wearing a liquid lipstick


Liquid lipsticks look like lip gloss, they are meant to stay on your lips no matter what. They give a more intense look, are long lasting and much shinier than the normal lipsticks. Therefore, they require a different approach to removing. For the rough and tough girls and not the sophisticated types, liquid lipsticks are best. You practically don’t have to always remember that you are wearing lipstick on your lips. You can eat and drink easily without being too careful.

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2. Not all liquid lipsticks are created equal

Not all brands create the same quality of liquid lipsticks. There may be chances that a lipstick from certain brand won’t gel well with you and you will end up having pucker lips. Find out which brand suits you best and stick to it.

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3. Exfoliate your lips before applying liquid lipstick

wearing a liquid lipstick


Exfoliating your lips before applying lipstick is must especially in the case of liquid lipstick. Exfoliating helps you in freeing your lips from any sort of dryness and chappy look. You can use a homemade scrub of honey, brown sugar and olive oil to exfoliate your lips. Make sure you have soft and smooth lips before applying it as liquid lipstick sticks to your lips like a tattoo.

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4. Moisturize lips before and after applying lipstick

Wearing a liquid lipstick would dry your lips. It is, therefore, important to moisturize them. After your lips are exfoliated, apply a coat of lip balm to moisturize them. Leave it to be for a few minutes. Apply liquid lipstick and then reapply lip balm after lipstick is dry.

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5. Always wear a lip liner

Lip liner is important to keep the lipstick intact preventing it from overflowing especially in the case of liquid lipstick.

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6. Start applying from lower lip first

wearing a liquid lipstick


One of the mantras of wearing a liquid lipstick perfectly is by applying on the lower lip and that is because lower lips are generally larger. Rub your lower lip with your upper lip to evenly spread it all around. Once that is done, you can apply more on upper lip if needed.

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7.  Need to be patient

Applying liquid lipstick requires a lot of patience as it is little difficult to apply. As discussed earlier, first exfoliate, then moisturize and then start slowly from the lower lip. However, don’t be so much slow that it dries out amidst applying.

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8. Requires only one swipe

wearing a liquid lipstick


Don’t add layers after layers when you are applying liquid lipstick. It will leave your lips dry and chapped. Just one swipe of it is enough to make your lips shine.

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9. Dry out quickly

Liquid lipstick dries out quickly so the only way to them is to apply slowly without getting it smudged. Moreover, as it dries out quickly you don’t have to wait long after applying it to eat or drink something.

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10. How to take it off?

The best way to remove liquid lipstick is either with the help of a Vaseline or makeup remover. Using water and tissues will make your lips dry and chapped. Vaseline is the best option as it helps in removing it smoothly and doesn’t end up making your lips dry but leaves them supple and moisturized.

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11. Makes lips dry

No matter what if you apply liquid lipstick for hours, you will end up having dry lips. It’s just something you have to endure while wearing liquid lipstick.

But at the end, wearing a liquid lipstick is definitely worth the effort!

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