What A Clitoris Is And Everything That You Should Know

The older you go, the more you’ll repent as to why your sex education classes never told you about clitoris. Are you one of those girls? Well, not anymore! From what a clitoris is and to other obvious questions of yours, we just got you covered!

  1. First things first, what a clitoris is exactly?

what a clitoris is

Simply put, clitoris is a female sex organ and is an integral part of female reproductive system. You might not have studied about it during your elementary biology classes, but it is one of your pleasure providing points.

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  1. Not sure how to ask, but where is it actually?

Don’t feel ashamed, we don’t talk about these too often and things actually get messy down there. Well, did you notice a button like membrane just above the place from where you pee out of? It might look quite small at the first look from outside, but the internal clitoris is pretty big!

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  1. What is the purpose of clitoris?

what a clitoris is


Although, it is a part of female reproductive system, but it might not even perform a single reproductive function. Its main role is to provide you the sexual pleasure and nothing else!

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  1. It is just there to make me orgasm, and that’s amazingly interesting, no?

So, if you want to produce orgasm, the clitoral stimulation is all that you need! Yes, you can have an orgasm even without clitoral stimulation but seriously speaking, a majority of women cannot achieve orgasm without clitoris!

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  1. So, is clitoris a female version of penis?

Well, yes, in a way, clitoris resembles penis a lot. Just like penis, even clitoris changes in terms of appearance; it hardens with increased blood flow, very similar to penis. But, penis just have 4000 never fibers, however, clitoris has double of what penis has. Penis can thus be thought of as a minified version of clitoris.

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  1. But, why does my clitoris hurts sometimes?

what a clitoris is


Track the times when you feel weird down there. Is it after he is trying to stimulate or during that? Clitoris is highly sensitive and so you might just want to go a bit slower there. Be gentle there and ask your partner to handle a bit sophisticatedly for better hook-up session!

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