#LoveTriangle: When You And Your BFF Fall For The Same Guy?

Your BFF might be the most important person in your life. From sharing clothes, food and partying together, you guys are often spotted together and complete each other. But, would you like to share your boyfriend with her? Here is everything that you should do when you and your BFF fall for the same guy?

  1. Let’s not make things awkward

When You And Your BFF Fall For The Same Guy


You can give a total skip to the situation by not letting things take an ugly turn, and by changing your directions well-in-time. If you love your BFF more than your crush, then you should probably walk away and do this sacrifice for your bestie. It is easy to sacrifice if you have a baby crush but if you have developed a real liking for a guy, this might become difficult. Analyze the things and let her have the piece of cake.

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  1. Talk and settle

If you never want to regret ever in your life, then you must sit down with your BFF and make everything clear. You must speak to her whatever is in your mind and settle on what both of you want. You must find out ways together if you and your BFF like the same guy.

  1. Try your luck!

You both may decide to try your luck with him and take your chances over him. Let him decide who he loves and you guys should be okay with it. Make sure whoever wins the guy; the other would not be offended and ruin their friendship ever. You need to be practical.

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  1. No bragging allowed

When You And Your BFF Fall For The Same Guy


If you and your BFF like the same guy and if you are the lucky one who wins the guy, do not flaunt and show it off in front of your friend. She may feel bad and disgusted. She may not trust you for things after this. Instead, just hang out with her a little more and make her meet new ‘good guys’ to divert her attention.

  1. A small compatibility test

When You And Your BFF Fall For The Same Guy


You can take up a silent unspoken compatibility test between the three of you. See whose answer matches the closest to the guy and then decide. If her answers are closer to him, you must know that you are blocking the space.

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  1. His preference

When You And Your BFF Fall For The Same Guy


Don’t get into a spat without knowing his liking. He might like you or your friend, or someone else or he might not be interested in relationships at this point in time.

  1. Ditch the boy

If you truly love your BFF then you both can ditch and give up on the guy. There is no need to hustle and keep your friendship at stake for a guy who is not so important for you. After all, boys might come and go, but besties are forever, right?

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