Which Of These 10 Types Of Girlfriends Are You?

We all have judged other girlfriends – oh! She is so cheesy, and she is so cool. Haven’t we? However, we never know our side until and unless we are in the same shoes. Being in a relationship shows exactly how are you as a girlfriend. So, here we bring a list of 10 types of girlfriends. Do let us know in the comments section below that which one is you?

  1. The ‘Sherlock spy’

“Why were you not picking up the phone?” “Why is your last scene of 3.00 am?” “Who is that girl who has tagged you in that meme and what does she mean by saying that’s so us?”

Sounds relatable? Do you always keep a check on your boyfriend’s whereabouts? Then probably you are a great Sherlock and CID fan type of girlfriend.

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  1. The ‘aww my baby’

showering some love on your boyfriend


If you are someone who could not resist showering some love on your boyfriend all the time and you have saved his contact name as something very cheesy, then you fall in this category. You cannot pass a day without saying ‘Aww my baby, I love you loads’ and you are super cheesy and kuchie koo kind.

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  1. The ‘chill like a boss’

You are someone who is very chilled out and it does not bother you when your boyfriend chills more time with his guy friends than you. You are totally understanding and relaxed. Even if you are totally ready for a party and he cancels at the end moment, you are chilled and fine even at that time.

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  1. The ‘mother like’

You are always extra caring about him. You keep calling him and ask ‘have you had your lunch’, ‘have you carried an extra bottle of water with you’, ‘have you reached home, it’s late’ then you are more like a mother to him rather than a girlfriend.

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  1. The ‘classy babe’

You like everything classy like the exotic candle light dinners, the big club parties and the superb vacations in the resorts. You are way too posh and classy and you love being high class and high maintenance. The dressing is your favorite and you love to have lavish makeup kits as the presents. Are you a girlfriend of this type?

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  1. The ‘he is only mine’

possessive about your guy


You are always possessive about your guy. You don’t like when other girls hit on him and you immediately grab his hands in yours to make evident that he is taken. If he likes a picture of some other girl on Instagram, then it becomes a bit difficult for you to digest.

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  1. The ‘fight till death’

fight with him on the silliest topics


You can fight with him on the silliest topics and your fights can continue for days. You will never let him win in any arguments and you make all the efforts to make him pamper you in any way and then end the fight. Well, just a suggestion, nobody likes so many fights.

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  1. The ‘social media’

You are crazy for the couple selfies and you upload them all on all your social media channels and you never forget to tag him. Also, those cute romantic captions are a must along with #MyMan #HeIsMine #Constant #PerfectCouple and other such cheesy hashtags. Basically, you are one social media announcer.

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  1. The ‘secret keeper’

Basically, you are the one who believes in true love and hiding that love. You never show off your relationships and you never believe in creating stories out of your love. You want to keep those special things and the special bond just between you guys. Only your best friends know about your relationship. You are basically a silent and a decent girlfriend.

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  1. The ‘not so committed’

“Marriage, Oh but I am so young”, “Serious relationship, I am not ready for that”. If you are not so serious about love and you are not ready for any kind of commitments then you are not so committed kind of girlfriend. You enjoy your space and your independent life and you do not want any boundaries or commitments to hinder with your lifestyle.

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