Why Entering In Your 30s Is Not The End Of The World?

30s are the new 20s! Really? Is this for real or do people who get into 30s say this to keep them sane? Every decade of your life has some pros and some cons and so does 30s. 30s are not that tricky as the 20s but they are more sorted and more practical. Here is a shout out to all girls in 30s!.

  1. You are still young and can take risks

girls in their 30s


One thing that you would surely miss out on is fun.

Reality: You will surely think that you have overcome the age of taking risks and now you cannot go wrong at any point in the life. But this change of mind cannot happen overnight. It is okay if you are still clumsy and make tons of mistakes. It is not the age but the responsibilities that make you responsible.

  1. You can still party and have bucket lists

girls in their 30s


Parties are for kids and the pubs are filled with college students and you would feel the odd one out there.

Reality: Probably, you would find a lot of young guys hitting on you making you realize that you are older to them. But hey, age is just a number and you can still party and have bucket lists and work to fulfill them.

  1. You are prone to take responsibilities, you can take some more as well

30s are the age of taking responsibilities. This makes you a bit scared too. It is the decade when you finally decide to marry or have a kid.

Reality: All these responsibilities and commitments make you cringe but you got to understand that you have taken a lot of adult responsibilities already. So, you can make this work as well.

  1. Everyone will be at this point, remember

The thought of getting older is something no one likes. Plus in this generation where we pressurize ourselves so much, it makes a lot more difficult for us.

Reality: Remember that every single person will be at this point so you are not alone and you will make it work for sure.

  1. You will look as fabulous and age like a fine wine

Girls being girls! One thing that will always haunt you in your 30s and thereafter is that you will not look as young as before.

Reality: That is true but what more is true is that you will age like a fine wine and look fabulous like never before. All you need to do is maintain yourself and take care of yourself.

  1. This is the decade to work hard and make a mark

girls in their 30s


One good thing from a lot of good things about your 30s is that this is the age and the decade to make all your plans come into work. It is the age to make a mark and show the world that you are kicking it off like a boss.

  1. You are more financially capable to live all your dreams

girls in their 30s


Also, the best thing for the most of you in your 30s is that you are financially independent. You are independent enough to have your dream life if you have been working for a long time. The kind of lifestyle depends upon person to person and we are not talking about a particular lifestyle because that is totally subjective. But in 30s, you are quite independent to make your dreams work out.

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