Winter Color Palette Decoded For Perfect Winter Dressing

So what is the winter color palette for this year? Are floral just for the summers and tans for the fall? As for this season, get over bright colored clothes and shift towards darker shades and pair them with some pale hues. If you want to know how to perfectly style yourself in the “winter color palette” then simply follow my lead.

1. Different shades of brown at once

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The king of colors of the winter fashion has to be brown. Brown leads the winter fashion color palette because it allows you to style it with any color. A brown pant with a brown sweater is always a steal. Try to include more shades of brown in your one look to create diversity in the color. You will be monotoning smartly.

2. Nudes and tans together

Other two color groups that are ruling the winter color palette in the fashion industry have to be the nudes and the tans. To create a beautiful winter palette, style these two colors together. Nude is lighter and tan is brighter so their combination is going to be dope. A quick example can be a nude formal pant paired with a tan top/sweatshirt and a tan jacket.

3. Whites and nudes combo

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Here, you can include nudes, creams, and off whites with whites to create a beautiful winter look. The best thing about this color palette is that it is minimal and a lot of outfits can be styled with these colors. Take out  your white sweater, nude pants, and blazer in these colors and style them to create a chic look.

This is going to be quite risky to style too because colors are mostly similar but it is gonna be fun.

4. Pastels with the pales

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If you are someone who likes colors and would prefer flaunting a lot of colors during this season too without getting off-trend, you can do that with the pastels. The pastels are winter colors too and to make them more winter-appropriate, pair them with paler shades like cream, beige, lightest brown, caramel, and so on. You can wear a pastel pink top with a beige skirt and a white sweater or jacket. Go for more pale-colored denim jackets for the season instead of blue and black.

5. Rustic with a tinge of white or black

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The shades of red are more popular in winters than in the summers. The key here is to choose more of rustic shades like brick reds, rust, pale orange, blood brown, and the like. These give a vintage vibe and winters is all about these tones. To not overdo these colors and let them be a statement, go safe by pairing them with whites or blacks. A rustic chunky sweater with white denim pants could be an example. A white crop top, nude pants, paired with pale orange jacket could be another example.

6. A pop of mustard

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This is totally going to be loud but some lesser popular colors of the season are mauve, maroons, and mustard. This is a beautiful and aesthetic color palette that is about color blocking. Using two darker colors together in a look its called as color blocking. A maroon sweater with a mustard skirt or vice versa is the kind of outfit we arr talking about.

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