7 Winter Skin Care Tips To Help You Face The Cold Months

Cold winter months often take a toll over your skin in the form of dry and patchy skin, and that’s when you are left to think as to how to take care of your flawless complexion and look youthful throughout! Fret no more. These winter skin care tips would come to your rescue.

  1. Never skip the moisturizer

winter skin care


Dab some extra moisture onto your skin. Your skin is already dry and stretchy at times, dabbing an extra drop of moisturizer would help you in forming a protective layer of skin to face ruthless winds and fog.

Go for an oil based moisturizer for maximum protection. Look for creams containing humectants which are great at moisturizing.

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  1. Always count on SPF

Sun might not be shining brightly in winters, but you still need to count over SPF to avoid making your skin dry and damaged. Go for a sunscreen with a high SPF and apply it 30 minutes before you leave your home. Also, carry it with you while you are outside to reapply after an hour or so.

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  1. Drink lots of water

winter skin care


Our water intake gradually decreases in winter months, and that pretty much explains as to why we have patchy and dry skin in winter. Yes, it is always awesome to sip hot cocoa in winters, but let’s not give up on water too!

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  1. Install a humidifier

While curling up yourself cozily with heaters all around might sound totally comfortable, but it is not good for your skin. Heaters blow dry and hot air which will make your skin all the drier. Get a humidifier instead which would help you in your winter skin care regime by returning the lost moisture into the air.

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  1. Avoid harsh facials

Yes, those harsh facials would do more harm than doing any good to your skin. Avoid any alcohol-based toners and astringents or chemical peels.

Soothe your dry skin with cleansing milk or a foam based cleanser with no alcohol. Also avoid fuller’s earth in winter as it will only pull more moisture from your skin, making it dry and patchy.

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  1. Avoid hot baths

Hot baths on a cold day are what everyone longs for. But it definitely is a mess to your winter skin care regime. It would only make your skin dry by breaking the lipid barriers in the skin.

Instead, go for a lukewarm bath with baking soda and oatmeal that will moisturize your skin effectively.

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  1. Include honey in your winter skin care routine

If your skin is extra dry, include honey in your skin acre regime. It would not only help you in dealing with dry patches but would also help you in treating spots. Simply mix honey with sugar and apply it on affected areas.

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